We’ve all heard by now about the self-described pedophile who has been effectively ‘run out of’ California and who is playing hide-and-seek with bloggers around the country who say they’re trying to track his movements.

His name is Jack McClellan, he maintained a website (now removed from the Internet) called: “Seattle Tacoma Everett Girl Love” he posted pictures on that web site of little girls in public places. He took and posted those pictures because he is, in his own words, “sexually attracted” to little girls. He also said on that site: “I don’t practice sexual touching (of prepubescent) girls, am not a sex offender, and am not prohibited from being around children.” As a preface to that statement of personal behavior he explains the purpose of his web site: “”The primary purpose of this site is to promote association, friendship; and legal, non-sexual, consensual touch (hugging, cuddling, etc) between men and prepubescent girls.”

Jack McClellan has obviously deviated from what we all consider “normal” sexual desires, i.e., desires for adult-to-adult relationships, and in that sense he will almost unanimously considered to be a mentally sick man; but what is being overlooked is, he has done nothing illegal! That is, of course, mentioned but not emphasized in the prominent news articles about his fight with the California Court System and his eventual flight to destinations unknown; the news articles, all but one that is, simply focus on what he is, which is, according to McClellan’s own description, a pedophile. i.e., “an adult who is sexually attracted to children.”

That one exception is an article by Leonard Pitts. Leonard Pitts is a Miami Herald columnist who actually had the guts to write an intelligent article which emphasizes the obvious: “People should be imprisoned for what they’ve done, not what they are.” The title of this article (over a large picture of Jack McClellan) is: This man says he’s a pedophile – what can you do?

The answer to this rhetorical question is: Nothing . . . nothing legally at any rate! The California court system, with its traditional unconcern for legalities, has placed a restraining order on him, based on witnesses who ‘saw him in the area of . . .’ and also based on the most damning (but still not illegal) evidence provided by his website and by his own statements. (He might have violated some type of law by posting pictures of little girls on his website without getting model releases signed by their parents, but that doesn’t seem to have cropped up as a possibility in media reports.)

Pedophillia is naturally a subject that brings many emotions to the front: disgust, fear and anger are just a few of those and the results are, more often than not, a lynch-mob mentality and violence. Emotions, however natural when subjects such as this are in play, are an impediment to rational thinking and blur the boundries between right and wrong.

The unemotional ‘bottom line’ both as how I see it and how Mr Pitts states it in his article, is:

“Even Jack McClellan enjoys the privileges of the First Amendment. He is free to say he’s a child molester. He’s free to say he’s a Satanist. He’s free to say he’s a racist.

“You think it’s terrible that a man can say such things? I agree. Indeed, the only thing more terrible would be if we lived in a country where he could not.”

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