In the light of eight of the thirty five chapters of Turkey’s membership talks recently suspended in reaction to Turkish intransigence of opening up its (air)ports to Cyprus carriers, it can be argued that Turkey’s behavior, instead of a modern European state is often more on a par with an Ottoman potentate than is good for the country. In various reactions to the suspension they were unwittingly offering proof of their unreadiness to be a part of Europe. But now there is good news!
EU Observer reports Turkey’s foreign minister Abdulah Gul as saying: “If the goal is to reach European standards, then we will do it ourselves without the EU asking for it”. Turkey is pro-actively insisting it will implement the changes as outlined in the preliminary screening process in all areas, without waiting for extra instructions from Brussels.

Therefore it is disappointing that the report goes on to state that the country finds it impossible to accept the EU acting in a way, contrary to the core and spirit of its relations, by hiding behind various excuses such as the Cyprus issue, the foreign minister is alleged to have said at a gathering of Turkey’s main business groups last week, according to AFP agency.

This statement breaths the earlier reported spirit, that small countries matter less than big ones. What Turkey doesn’t get is that the E.U. is made up of any number of small countries – was founded in fact by the three miniature BeNeLux countries – each of which have about the same weight in the decision making process as the bigger ones.

Mr Gul went on to stress, Turkey is not going to “abandon the struggle”. Be that as it may, neither is Cyprus. Big doesn’t equal better.

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