I admit to be woefully ignorant about the Northwestern and Mountainous regions of China, specifically Tibet. But, I am grateful for the blog THE OPPOSITE END OF CHINA for his brave reports and engaging pictures of the area.

A recent article on his blog via Dow Jones Commodities Service:

Tibetan Refugees Reportedly Killed By China Border Guards

KATMANDU, Nepal, Oct 05, 2006 (DJCS via Comtex) —

A Tibetan exile group said Thursday that Chinese border guards opened fire on dozens of refugees, killing two and wounding several more as they tried to sneak into Nepal from Tibet over the weekend.

The Tibetan refugees were crossing the Nangpa La pass, near Mount Everest on China’s side of the border, when Chinese soldiers opened fire, said Lhundup Dorjee of the Tibet Refugee Center in Katmandu.

“Around 42 of them managed to escape and cross in to Nepal, but we don’t know what happened to the rest of them,” Dorjee said.

Neither Chinese nor Nepali officials were immediately available for comment on the reported shootings, which allegedly took place on Sept. 30 at the 5,800-meter pass just west of Mount Everest.

Every year, hundreds of Tibetan refugees trek for days through the mountains to escape Chinese rule in Tibet, braving high altitudes, fierce weather and Chinese border troops.
Read more on his blog as I sort out server issues here….

I will be posting tomorrow, cyber-gods willing, on The League of Extraordinary Chinese Women as well as the Lusofonia Games in Macau.

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