The Offspring is back with their 7th album released this July. Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace is the perfect title to a perfect album. For those who are new or never heard of the Offspring, they are a Southern California band who play mostly fast rock and punk style music. Their lead singer is Dexter Holland, and he’s got one of those crystal clear voices that allow you to actually hear the lyrics. For those who are familiar with The Offspring, this is a classic, and a must have cd. This time, The Offspring has foregone the traditional plastic cd cover for an awesome bifold cardboard cover. The cover theme is done in red and black, and features a winged angel trying to escape the chains that are pulling her down. She has a red heart in her chest with several arrows piercing into the heart. The theme across the album is one of angst while searching for the truth.

The first track, Half-Truism, has an awesome chorus line, “If we don’t make it alive, well it’s a hell of a good day to die.” The second track, Trust in You, is a bare all song about trust that’s totally skeptical and in despair. The bottom line is no matter how hard it is, trust wins out. The third track is my favorite, You’re Gonna Go Far Kid. The fourth track is the single, Hammerhead, that has been getting alot of airplay, and seems to speak to current events like the war in Iraq. Track six, Kristy Are You Doing Okay, is a ballad of lost opportunity to help a friend. Track nine is Fix You, and the chorus says it all, “I wish I could fix you and make you how I want you. I wish I could fix you and I wish you could fix me. I wish I could heal you and mend where you are broken. I wish I could heal you and I wish you could heal me.”

The Offspring website is, and the band is currently on tour. You can catch them in Seattle in September, and then they’ll be in Japan most of October.

When I first received this cd, I couldn’t put it down and found myself listening to it over and over. I highly recommend this album to new and used Offspring fans.

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