Episode 13 of the fourth and final season of the teen drama ‘The O.C’ is about to hit our screens. For those (like me) who jsut can’t wait for the next episode, keep reading. But for those who want to wait to see what happens, you might wanna return to the prevoius page. Whoever you are just take that into consideration and ‘BEWARE: SPOILERS AHEAD!’

Firstly, here is the official synopsis of the episode FOX!

While Taylor comes up with a plan to make things right between Ryan and his Dad, Julie continues to move things forward with Bullit. But when Julie and Frank run into each other in front of Ryan and Taylor, their secret is apparent. Meanwhile, after Seth and Summer get a psychic reading, Summer wonders if she and Seth are right for each other. And when Kaitlin discovers that Ryan and Taylor are playing Cupid to get Julie and Frank together, she goes to extreme lengths to get her mom to like Bullit but who will Julie choose? Guest Cast: Kevin Sorbo as Frank Atwood, Gary Grubbs as Bullit, Viji Nathan as Psychic, Max Greenfield as Young Sandy, Ellen Hollman as Young Kirsten, Graham Miller as Young Jimmy and Cathy Lind Hayes as Teacher.

Here’s some spoilers for ‘The case of two Franks’ thanks to spoilerfix.com:

  • Josh Schwartz reveals: There’s going to be a fight for the love of a certain woman. Source: The Ausiello Report
  • Someone’s going to receive two marriage proposals. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide
  • Ryan, Taylor and Kaitlin choose sides when Julie is torn between Frank and Bullit; a psychic reading prompts Seth and Summer to think about their future; and Kirsten is preoccupied by a life-changing moment in her past. Source: TV Guide Online
  • Remember that famous mermaid poem Summer read in class when she was 10-years-old? Well, the truth comes out about the real author of this original poem… The author of the mermaid poem is not Summer but is someone we know… Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat
  • Summer starts to freak out when things the psychic told her and Seth come true. Does this mean they are not made for each other after all? Summer tries to save the OC’s sea otters. Holly is at the Cooper house where she shows Summer pictures of her wedding and describes to Summer how married life is like. The kids flashbacks are set in 1998. 10-year-old Luke is already the popular guy who crushes Seth. The latter, being is nerdy self, is highly excited about The Matrix coming out in a little less than a year. Young Holly and Summer make fun of Taylor “Dorksend.” As for the adults, their flashbacks is from 1985 and start with the famous Harbor Sweatshirt Party on the beach. Young Kirsten and Jimmy are very much in love as they plan their future, which will start with them studying at USC. We see how Kirsten met Sandy. Source: SpoilerFix.com
  • Remember a while back I told you about an episode that would be set a few years back when the teens are 10 years old and the adults are between 18 and 20 years old? Well, to the list of people I told you we would see younger you can add a 10-year-old Luke, 10-year-old Holly Fisher (from Season 1), and 18-year-old Taryn. There are still no plans for a 10-year-old Marissa… We will see young Summer recite her poem about wishing to be a mermaid… A psychic will tell Summer and Seth that they are not made for one another. Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat
  • Expect a trip down memory lane when The O.C. goes back in time and show us what Sandy at 21; Julie, Jimmy, and Kirsten, around 18; and Ryan, Seth, Summer, and Taylor, at 10 years old. Source: SpoilerFix.com

Sounds very, very interesting… hmm.. can’t wait !

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