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The waning days of a lame duck administration usually means that the sitting United States President doesn’t begin to initiate any initiatives related to domestic or international policies that effect the future of the nation. Unfortunately, President Obama is not familiar with the practices of previous occupants of the White House and he continues to insert his desire to leave a presidential legacy with a notoriously clandestine arms agreement with Iran, a divisive public policy regarding race relations, abrogation of the penal penalties applied to convicted felons through presidential pardons and most recently a criticism against America’s gun laws. As recently as this morning, the President made comment that America’s gun laws lacked, “common sense,” and he would use the rest of his term as president to make changes to America’s gun laws.

Before President Obama considers another imposition of his personal interpretation on the legislative process of the United States, consideration of the multiple loose ends and the implications his previously mentioned executive actions have already contributed to the domestic and international turmoil Americans are currently enduring. The proposed nuclear arms agreement with Iran disregards the long term ramifications of removing restrictions against a country that is already a self-proclaimed enemy of the United States. Negotiations removing economic and military sanctions at this time have effectively eliminated the effects of decades of international isolation against a bellicose regime that opposed individual civil liberties, exhibits incompatibility towards neighboring sovereign nations, and places Israel, a longstanding and staunch ally of the United States within range of nuclear attack. Neville Chamberlain in 1938 announced, “…peace in our time,” with the infamous Munich Agreement with Adolf Hitler. Consequently the diplomatic practice of appeasement with Nazi Germany resulted in the Second World War. Chamberlain because of this diplomatic assurance from Adolf Hitler became a lame duck and Great Britain thankfully restored Winston Churchill to government in order to defeat National Socialism and correct the mistakes of the Chamberlain government. Hopefully, an American version of Winston Churchill will rise during the Senate hearings to depose Obama’s policy with Iran and send both the President and Secretary of State Kerry into a happy retirement, Obama playing in his presidential library and Kerry dabbling with his wife’s condiments empire.

The present Administration seemingly does not understand properly the distribution of powers between the distinctively unique branches of the Federal Government. Regarding the proposed treaty with Iran, it is the role of the Congress, specifically the Senate to ratify treaties with foreign powers. Just because a diplomatic mission headed by the Secretary of State was dispatched to negotiate an agreement and come to an amicable and equally favorable agreement with Iran, does not mean the terms are finally consummated. The Senate makes that conclusion, not the President. President Obama’s transparent dislike of the constitutional process of treaty ratification is apparent with his threat to override congressional opinion with a presidential veto illustrates the entire attitude of the Obama administration for almost eight years. Disregard of the process’ of American government is the hallmark of the incumbent administration. Thankfully the American Constitution’s limit on presidential terms of office is not negotiable. Most Americans, will be happy to bid , “Aloha,” to the allegedly native born Hawaii’s son.

American’s have been subjected to a declination of positive inter-racial relations perhaps most severe since the Civil Right Act of 1964. Multiple times, the ignominious seeds of racial disharmony have been present at the forefront of civil unrest, apathy towards the proper enforcement of the rule of law and outright civil disobedience and willful examples of destruction have occurred during the Obama presidency. Events in Baltimore, Maryland, over the animosity between law enforcement and African-Americans ignited civil disobedience, inappropriate activities by law enforcement officers and the general public, destruction of properties a pseudo-imposition of martial law and heightened levels of racial tensions have characterized events during the President’s watch. Most disturbing is the developing attitude that race relations between Caucasians and African Americans is at the most incendiary stage since the nascent days of the Jim Crow laws and the subsequent Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. The cultivation of a quasi-official presence at these infamous events by perpetually angry activists such as Rev. Al Sharpton creates an atmosphere of racial suspicion and perpetuates disharmony based not just on race identity, but the underlying sensation of raw anger and animosity that really has nothing to do with racial equality, but a subjugation of the rights of all races to equality regardless of race, creed or social status as first declared in the American Declaration of Independence and ultimately ratified with the eradication of slavery through the bloodshed of the Civil War and the legislative ratification of the thirteenth amendment to the United States Constitution. Further racial unrest has been fostered with the suppression of the Confederate Battle Flag in South Carolina. The real issue regarding the display of the Confederate Battle Flag has less to do with racial overtones associated with the traitor States of the Old South and more to do with an emerging trend of revisionist history. If symbols of the Confederate States of American are hidden from public view and display, perhaps it will change contemporary and future interpretations of the real reasons and effects of the Civil War. Yes, slavery was a major component of the war, however the preservation of the American Republic was indeed the penultimate reason Lincoln deployed troops in order to restore the union from an illegitimate and illegal Confederate government. The maligned Confederate Battle Flag no longer flies at the capitol in South Carolina. However, all Americans need to remember that the right to fly the banner is protected by the First Amendment and currently there is no prohibition legally against flying the Confederate flag ( or for that matter the flag of Nazi Germany,) in the United States. Both are protected by the Constitutional guarantee applied to freedom of expression. Of course, flying the latter flag is not encouraged or endorsed the action is protected by our American rule of Constitutional law.

Throughout the history of the American Presidency the commutation of penal sentences has taken place, even when the actions were unfavorable. President Gerald Ford issued a blanket presidential pardon to his predecessor President Richard Nixon. Article II, section 2 of the Constitution vests this power to the President of the United States.President George Washington pardoned John Mitchell for treason during the Whiskey Rebellion. President Jimmy Carter pardoned Vietnam War draft deserters. President Gerald Ford, pardoned and restored American citizenship to General Robert E. Lee (despite being deceased over 100 years,) pardoned the infamous Tokyo Rose who broadcast against the Allies during the Second World War. Bill Clinton pardoned Patty Hearst after she committed bank robberies in alliance with her kidnappers (Symbionese Liberation Army.) What sets President Obama apart from these other presidential pardons is this: the pardons were granted to imprisoned felons. It seems the questionable nature of these pardons involves not only a legitimate sentence imposed by a court, but also a question arises regarding the nature of the offenses President Obama has commuted the sentences of 46 non violent drug offenders. Why? What has happened to the national war on illegal drugs…famously initiated with the phrase,”…just say NO!” Is the commutation of convicted felons, violent or not in the best interests of the American people considering the invasive nature of drug addiction on families, neighborhoods and society in general?

President Obama recently criticized the lack of, “common sense,” as it pertains to our gun laws. In the wake of many tragic events where individuals have committed mass murder with handguns the statement should be made for gun laws that respect the Second Amendment while screening those with addiction problems, criminal histories and violent behavior should be based on common sense, tempered with legislative prudence and not the suppression of our Constitutional right, “to keep and bear arms.” If President Obama wants to tinker with our American gun laws, he should ensure the rights of more Americans to carry weapons for personal protection, rather than restrict the right to concealed and open carry. In the age of increasing domestic violence, combined with threats of foreign acts of terrorism on American soil, President Obama should work to provide a nationwide concealed carry capability that respects both the stipulations of the Constitution and the rights of individual States, reaching a national policy acceptable and in accordance to States’ rights to provide nationwide personal defense for an increasingly violent America. Statistically, nothing deters violent crime more than someone who is defensively armed and trained for self preservation. Any other sort of presidential involvement in refining America’s existing legislative texts on gun laws should remain away from the Chief Executive. If he wants to accomplish anything that positively effects the safety of the American people, President Obama should do nothing else. Throughout this Administration, the potential for increased warfare in the Middle East has exponentially increased. Our allies’ safety has decreased. Racial harmony is in discord. Non-violent felons are free, potentially returning to the drug trafficking occupation. Violent crimes with firearms are at an astronomical height, while the President threatens to fix the problem by imposing restrictions on law abiding American citizens and jeopardizing the Constitutional right to bear arms, while antagonizing the States’ rights to legislate the same matter.

Mr. President, please just say NO to more ideas in the Obama plan. Work on where the furniture will go in your presidential library! Americans offer a premature, “Aloha!”

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