News Item:
Danish police foil cartoon murder plot.

It’s two years ago already that this cartooon

caused riots all over the Muslim world.

We thought the reaction was extreme, to say the least.
If, two years later, you think the foment has died down, you’d better look again.
Three suspects are, at present, sitting in a Danish jail cell, accused of plotting to murder the cartoonist.  Not get mad at him, not call him names, not write him nasty letters, but cut off his head, with no qualms about it.

These individuals are described in the dictionary thusly –
rad·i·cal adjective

1 – Marked by a considerable departure from the usual or traditional.
2 – Disposed to make extreme changes.

Concentrate on the extreme, because that’s what these folks are.

It’s not a religious issue here, has nothing to do with a belief in Allah, or Homer Simpson for that matter.  It’s about morons going off the deep end.  It’s about idiots still living in the Dark Ages.  It’s about grown men, real adults, actually believing that if they should die while committing murder for their cause, they’ll be rewarded in heaven with 72 Virgins.

Now we’re not here to mock anyone’s religious beliefs, there’s no point in that, but take a potshot at mental defectives like these?  Oh yeh, we’ll do that every time.

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Cartoon from Sid in the City

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