Here in the Philippines, the headlines are usually full of big stories: a bomb in the south, a mudslide from the monsoons, or another corruption/bribery allegation.

But right now, the big story that everyone is following are the “Nip/Tuck” sex tape scandal. It seems that a prominent Manila plastic surgeon was seducing some of his patients, including at least one well known actress.

To make things worse, he recorded their activity, and stored the video on the clinic computer, where someone found and leaked the videos.

So now, the activities of Dr Kho and several lovely ladies, has been posted on the internet for download.

And for those without broadband, Video CD’s are being openly sold with other pirated first run films and music by our intrepid street vendors, so that all red blooded Filipino men can buy and view the videos ( when their pious wives are busy elsewhere).

The surgeon involved has had his medical license revoked, and one of the more famous actresses involved has lost her contract as a model for lingerie.

But the big mystery in all of this is that no one knows who found and downloaded the sex tapes from Dr. Kho’s computer … but another plastic surgeon (and ex girlfriend of the intrepid doc) is saying she knew about the videos, but denies spreading the videos for all to enjoy.

One of the actresses involve is is suing (since the tapes were recorded without her consent), and the Senate’s investigation is busy having hearings on the local TV.

Forget the broadband scandal, the highway scandals, and even the RP-US visiting Forces missing funds scandal. This is sex important, and we have a need to know.

And lots of folks are watching.

There hasn’t been this much interest in watching Congressional hearings since the HelloGarci scandal.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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