Or at least it seems to me like they have to start up one of these ridiculous German army “issues” every week around here these days. As if German soldiers didn’t have enough to worry about already; weight problems from not doing any combat, psychological problems from not doing any combat. Now these soldiers are going to have to worry about being awarded a medal for bravery while not doing any combat, too.

That’s right. Someone has seriously proposed the reintroduction of the Iron Cross 2.0 as a military decoration for “outstanding bravery” during the course of, uh, something, but it won’t be war.

This outrageous proposal has gotten everybody all hot and bothered, of course, but not for the reason you might think. Everyone here is outraged because of that German militarism thang and because, well, that’s what everyone here is paid to do. It’s hilarious, really. A heated debate about a reference to a medal (that everybody knows won’t be reintroduced) originating in the Napoleonic era that was then defecated upon by Hitler and co. (just like everything else) at a time when the Germany Army no longer exists, not practically anyway.

I’m waiting for that day when one of those smart Germans out there (and there really are a lot of them, you know) starts up a debate about a real issue like the fact that the only reason the German army exists today is to legitimize the megalucrative German weapons industry. I may have to wait a while on that one, though. Like until the next Napoleonic era comes.

This is so typically German, in other words. Just like the Iron Cross once was (long, long ago in a galaxy far away). Start a discussion about introducing a medal for honor and bravery for an army that is systematically denied the opportunity to demonstrate either. German schizophrenia pur (pure), I’d say. But that’s typically German, too. So let the debate begin!

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