How’s that for holiday spirit??

I’ve just about had enough of the minimization of Christmas. Political correctness, coupled with bitter, angry atheists, have all but destroyed any remnants of the reason for celebrating this holiday, and I am at an unprofessional boiling point. Yes, this shall be one of my rants.

Does anyone really believe our nation is better off without the true meaning of Christmas allowed in public places? It is already an over-commercialized financially crippling mess. We have created numerous fairy tales to detract from the true meaning. From a fat man in a red suit who sneaks down our chimney at night, to flying reindeer with red noses, to a very unmanly enchanted snowman (that’s right, I said it!! I hate Frosty!!), we will look to anything to not have to look toward or understand the true meaning of CHRISTmas.

Some time ago, people even started calling it Xmas, quite literally removing the meaning of the holiday. Shortly after this, some started celebrating a holiday during the same time period called “Kwanzaa”, which is a fictitious holiday made up by a felon named Ron N. Everett, who changed his name to Maulana Karenga. 

As insane as this sounds, in today’s politically correct United States it is more acceptable to talk about this made up farce of a holiday in your public schools than it is to speak of Jesus’ birth.

Anything which could offend anyone (minus Christians, of course) is shunned as intolerant. No Christmas trees, manger scenes, wise men, Jesus, or anything of the sort. It’s as though there really exists a PC Grinch, who has ridden down the mountain and stolen our Christian symbols of the holiday. Unfortunately, his heart does not appear to be growing three sizes any day soon. Removing all Christian symbols not being enough, he (atheists) is now advertising the “No God” campaign on public transit systems.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not demanding that everyone place manger scenes in their front yards and go to Christmas Eve service at a local church. I am not demanding everyone worship God or Jesus. Do whatever you wish during this time of year. What I am saying is December 25th is called CHRISTmas. It is when Christians celebrate the birth of their savior, Jesus Christ. If you do not believe in this than simply don’t celebrate the holiday, but don’t attempt to create other distractions and fictional celebrations to overshadow and minimize CHRISTmas.

If you want to be an atheist go right ahead, though I’ve not known many that aren’t angry and unhappy 80% of the time, but it is certainly your right. Live your life as an atheist however you want to, but don’t attempt to tell me how to live mine because I believe in something … and don’t give me that load of Bull about being offended by manger scenes and all that garbage. YOU BELIEVE IN NOTHING!! HOW CAN YOU BE SO OFFENDED BY SOMETHING YOU DON’T EVEN BELIEVE EXISTS??? It would be more believable for a satanist to say they are offended by the manger scenes, as I could see how the birth of Jesus would offend them, but you can’t be offended by something you don’t believe in. Guess what??? I don’t believe that vampires exist, but I don’t get all bent out of shape on Halloween, or when the new Twilight movie gets released.

Christmas is celebrated on December 25th of each year. It is called CHRISTmas for a reason. Merry Christmas to all who believe in the virgin birth!!! To all those who don’t … Merry Christmas as well. To all those who claim to be offended by someone saying “Merry Christmas” to them …. lighten up!! Ride that sled back down the mountain and we’ll let you carve the roast beast!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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