This week on the program I will be joined by a great panel. Sam Moffie, author, activist and teacher from the ever shrinking city of Youngstown Ohio. Peter Haven, the maven of all things to do with legal aspects to any story. Dr. Gary Penn, a leading psychologist who provides an insight into aspects of a story that the rest of might miss. William Conrad, our on the fly fact checker, little escapes his notice or resolve.

Bowe Bergdahl has been the news story of the week, but is he just a political football? A POW, Prisoner Of War, or is he a Prisoner Of Washington? One thing is clear, as Obama’s presidency winds down, his detractors are winding up.

Hillary Clinton is set to publish her new book. But I have to admit that the military style campaign looks more political than literary. Are we getting a taste of 2016?

Many world leaders met to pay respects to the brave people that paid the ultimate sacrifice on D-Day 70 years ago. I watched a good deal of the coverage and thought it was done with style and panache. There seemed only one person sporting a frown, Putin did not look entirely comfortable.

In the sports world we have the strange Dan Marino lawsuit. Is it possible that due to too many concussions he just could not recall filing it?

Also in the sports world is Donald and Shelly Sterling. This soap opera may be reaching the end of its life, but who can say? With deep pockets and a rapidly decreasing lifespan (80 years old) he has little to risk.

Please join us for what will be a great discussion tomorrow Sunday 8th at 3pm Central the link to listen live is here.

Simon Barrett

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