has enabled anyone who chooses to use their services with the ability to discover things normally out of their reach. Simply type in a proper name in the search box, click search, and discover John Doe’s recent top five finish in a marathon, or that he’s member of the Willow Pines Crochet Club. And oh, well how about this, apparently he owes several local video stores vast amounts of money. Google has established itself as “the” search engine on the Internet.

People need not worry about whom, or how many people are seeking info about them. People need to concentrate upon what personal information Google is offering the public. Go ahead, try it. Type your name in the search box at www. Then, click the “search” box, or punch the “enter” button on your keyboard. Several blurbs with your name will appear in front of you. Click on the underlined headline to view your personal information even further. Like it? No, not entirely?

Fortunately, you can correct the problem. It’s not out of your control. A Chicago-based web company,, will help you link your name to things you’d like people to see, and minimize the content about you that you’d like to forget. Tom Drugan, one of three founders of, says, “Companies are out there online trying to protect their brands, and people should be too.” As Internet usage continues to grow, “it’s getting more important to address your online identity,” Drugan says. A recent survey discovered three out of four recruiters use search engines to learn more about job candidates. If you choose to bolster your positive online identity via Dugan guarantees your profile page will be at the top of Google’s listings when someone searches your name. allows you to create your own profile by uploading your photos, posting a short autobiography, and providing links to your other online activities, such as your blogs, or organizations you belong to. There are probably people out there that don’t want to be found online. Too bad though, your personal info is out there, and it’s up to you to polish your identity, or let it collect multiple particles of dust or dirt.

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