I read a really good essay on the New Yorker today on the subject of Prog Rock, if you love the genre of music I recommend you read it

That is not to say that I agree with many of the conclusions drawn by author Kelefa Sanneh But it certainly was thought provoking. It is clearly impossible to discuss Prog Rock in any depth in a magazine article but I was slightly disappointed that more great bands and great musicians were not mentioned.

Over the years I have watched the genre evolve and interviewed many, many musicians. I am a Prog fan, but I also interview musicians from other genres. One question that I ask quite often is how they became masters of their trade. Some grew up in a musical family, some were self taught, and some went to school to learn music.

When it comes to Prog Rock almost always the band has a member with classical training. The one exception I can think of being the late Keith Emerson, he was a man born to music.

The New Yorker obviously scoured the photo archives and found a classic picture. Keith loved to  abuse his Hammond organ, but on one occasion it fought  back!

In place of a guitarist, Emerson, Lake & Palmer had Keith Emerson, a keyboard virtuoso who liked to wrestle with his Hammond organ onstage, and didn’t always win: during one performance, he was pinned beneath the massive instrument, and had to be rescued by roadies.

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