Information Security Managers  in IT and Non IT companies of Bangalore and Karnataka now need to change their focus with the recent findings that  educated Muslims with good academic record are being drawn into the terror network. It is to be noted that the indoctrination methods said to have been used on  these persons indicate that it is the Iraqi and Chechnya incidents  are more credible to these young persons than the Kashmir incidents. British and Australian authorities should realize that the reasons why some Indians are now on the terrorist map is because of what the west has done. It is also interesting to note that one of the involved persons was actually born in UK. UK should therefore focus more on the UK born Muslim doctors rather than Indian doctors in their bid to take corrective action.

In the light of these developments every company needs to run a “Behavioural Profiling” of their staff since the “Background Checks” are unlikely to spot the dangerous persons. It would be interesting to note what action the Infosys and Wipros take in the light of these developments since they do recruit thousands of young persons each month with a profile similar to Kafeel.

The key to the eradication of this menace lies not with the Police but with the Muslim community itself since the saner elements in the community have to now seriously look upto introducing suitable measures not only to spot the radical elements within but also remove the sources of radicalization. It is also necessary for them to segregate “Terrorists” from “Good Muslim” branding and actually brand them as “Bad Muslims” since they use the name of the religion to do things which no religion recommends.

Atrocities are happening all over the world by one dominant community against another and if it is the Muslim community which is in the receiving end in one country, it may be another community in another country. The remedy is not in resorting to terror which can only further alienate the community but to find solutions through peaceful means.

In order to start the process of “Real Good Muslims” uniting against the “Pseudo Good Muslims”, I call upon the “Real Good Muslims” to start asserting themselves to prevent erosion of global faith on the community as a viable part of a multi cultural society.

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