has reported an interesting development to an incident about an unfair blog usage by some persons in Delhi which subtly brought out some time back. had brought to the notice of public that it appeared that a person or a group of persons exhibited a peculiar behaviour on blogs where comments were posted which seemed to have one common element running approximately on the following lines “… so and so who is the only/foremost/best expert in the field  says ….  “,”The Government of India has accepted his views…  etc”.  After a close observation, the matter was brought to my attention by some members of public since the expertise claimed was in the field of Cyber Laws and when the blogs claimed that the suggestions made by the expert were accepted by the Government, it directly conflicted with some  information that the undersigned posessed and had posted in There were queries such as “Is this true?”, “Has the Government decided like this?” etc.

In a follow up incident, the group recently took on a reporter from techgoss making false allegations about him which is indicated in the article of referred earlier. The reporter tried to locate the persons who had raised the insinuating comment about him only to find out that the person  had used  a non existent e-mail address. This indicated that the person was actually a proxy.

For sometime now has been following this new version of  search engine optimization and come to a conclusion that this  is aimed at misleading Google search engine and possibly making money out of internet ads such as google adsense. The strategy starts with posting of an article on one blog by the leader of the group. Then several comments would be posted under the same blog. Further copies  of the postings are also posted under different names in different blogs. The comments and each of the other copy articles make reference to the group leader and also provide a hyper link to the leader’s blog.

In the process there is a creation of a network of articles each refering to the leader and his website with interlinking hyperlinks. If a robotic engine follows the hyperlinks it will go round a loop several times recording a maze of hyperlinks and counting them as popular references.

In a Google search, this setup is expected to increase the ranking of the leader’s website  or blog and also provide more google search result links when a search is amde for the leader’s name as a key word . The idea is to promote the leader as one of the most referred source on the Internet.

What initially started as an “Internet marketing strategy” worth an e-book on “How to make a name on the Internet?”  has now taken a little ugly turn since the group’s strategy has been exposed by Obviously, Naavi has been made a target by the group to ensure that their marketing continues unhindered.  Naavi was also recently threatened to keep off a site and not post any comments therein which is contradictory to their own. After this, there was a barrage of attacks on any body who appeared to hold a contrary view to the group and all those were accused of supporting Naavi.  It was one such comment that the reporter also faced and tried to investigate.

I am sure that this posting may also raise a barrage of comments both in this forum itself and elsewhere. But in the interest of maintaining ethics in blogging, it is necessary to expose such efforts of blog misuse.

 I wish Google take note of this innovative cheating game of the search algorithm.  Article in


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