Throughout history Catholics have been subjected to many accusations against their faith. Some of these myths are rooted in ancient history while others are perpetrated because of social ignorance regarding Catholic beliefs. Dr. Gerard Verschuuren Ph.D. attempts to provide clarity in his book, Forty Anti-Catholic Lies.

His work is an apologetical approach, determined to debunk common myths associated with Catholicism throughout history. In a methodical manner, common allegations against Catholicism are examined in a professorial and professional manner. Some of the issues examined are: Catholics are taught not to read the Bible, Catholics manipulated the Ten Commandments, Catholics invented priests and one that transcends the centuries, Catholic eat flesh and drink blood.

Dr. Verschuuren dissects each myth and allegation against Catholics in a Scholastic manner that would make Saint Thomas Aquinas applaud his efforts. All the myths are first presented and then logically reduced to their absurdities, then properly explained in the Catholic perspective. Each myth after an apologetical vivisection receives a scholarly rebuttal with concluding remarks.

The art of Catholic Apologetics has been lost in the 20th century, the art usually part of the rigorous academic studies of Saint Thomas Aquinas’ works. For the most part, seminary students and professional academics are familiar with the apologetic techniques of examining a subject and then extrapolating the facts which lead to a logical conclusion. Dr. Verschuuren provides modern Catholics with a glimpse of the manner the Catholic faith needs to be explained and defended against illogical myths and social biases.

Most Catholics are not properly, “armed,” with the proper information necessary to defend the Catholic faith. Such a reality is unfortunate in a world that continues to instill hostilities and mistrust based on religious principles and theological beliefs. Forty Anti-Catholic Lies provides concise compendium of the myths commonly circulated regarding Catholics and their faith and effectively repudiates each one with Thomistic accuracy written for today’s Catholic faithful.

While the book does not advocate that Catholics repel myths and allegations made against their faith in everyday activities, it does indeed expose the fact that Catholicism is often misunderstood by other faiths. Dr. Verschuuren’s book provides Catholics with a resource to explain common misconceptions regarding the Catholic Church and its rituals. His work should be part of religious education classes not as a primary textbook but as a resource filled with valuable insights and logical arguments to deflate common myths against Catholics that continue to resonate in our world.

We need to restore the art of Catholic Apologetics in order to once and for all set the record straight about what we believe as Catholics.

Forty Anti-Catholic Lies is published by Sophia Institute Press, The price of the book is $10.00



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