It was about 9am when my boss started complaining about a smell coming in through the window. He said it smelled like gasoline. He asked me if I had smelled anything. I replied It smells like natural gas.

As time passed on I started to have problems breathing. The air started to feel heavy as if the normal air was being pushed down and some other kind of air (gas) I was breathing in. All I know is that I started to feel light headed and my lungs felt slightly heavy as if I was not getting enough air. My co worker hector was getting red in the face and sent his family out of the city to his moms house in queens.
I was afraid to go to the hospital becuase all you do is wait in line in the emergency room for hours and never get seen. As time went on the smell disappered and I felt a lot better.

But New York City says it wasn’t natural gas and if it wasn’t what was it? I know this brings all kinds of conspiracy theories to mind. But all I kept thinking through this is when are we going to get some kind of information on this. Is the city being evacuated? My wife called up and said yes it is. My thought was should I go home? How do I get home if as one report said the subways were being evacuated, turned out later it was only for a little while.

I called my wife later and she said it was only one building. Through the news I found out six more buildings had been evacuated and then maybe an hour later cleared for people to go back. All kinds of fears were praying down on me. Should I leave? Is this a terrorist attack? What if I stayed? Would I die? My boss had his wife put on the news and it turned out what I had been feeling was a smell that smelled like natural gas but really wasn’t. All I know is that whatever this gas was it wasn’t benign. I had a strong reaction to it and so did my coworker Hector. I keep thinking. What if this had been a terrorist attack? The city that says it is prepared for everything sure didn’t seem that way today. And thank god nothing serious happened from this gas. I can go home relay my thoughts on what happened to my wife and go from there. Thank god it was nothing dangerous…If you buy the cities story.

[Edited by Simon – Formatting] 

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