I had the opportunity to sit down with actor Billy Bob Thornton for a laid back and candid chat about movies and our mutual dislike for today’s pop music culture. These are the sort of interviews I love doing. Many times you are in a room with a few other reporters and everyone is throwing out questions about the movie and the conversation never really develops. That is why I love the one on one situation. It is so much more free. And with a guy like Billy Bob you need love that freedom.

If you listen you will tell right away that my mindset was in the round table mode as I launch right into discussing the movie. With out missing a beat Thornton avoids my question and instead asks if I play guitar (It’s the hair I guess). It was his way of setting the mood to just chat. And I was glad for that reminder.

So check out the interview and go see The Astronaut Farmer. To listen click here now.

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