Iran givs “300” thumbs down” cries one headline.

Iranians outraged over hit movie“, cries another.

What are they outraged over? The muscle bound Spartans in loin clothes? The fact that Leonides wife wasn’t wearing a chador?

No, it is because they see it as a criticism of their regieme, because it portrays the murderous tyrant Xerxes as an effeminite murderous tyrant.

Well, the umbrella carrying tyrant wasn’t exactly an Idaho suvivalist, and his love of the easy life was one of the reasons he was assasinated…LINK 

The Mullahs try to keep their land pure, free of such dangerous anti Persian films. But a country with four million heroin addicts might just be open to that dangerous idea.

They already have a thriving blogosphere that is not always Mullah Friendly, despite arrests of bloggers, and now this film…

The Mullahs, of course, have forbidden the film to be shown in Iran, but MSNBC notes: ” bootleg DVDs were already available.”

Yup. You can buy it in Tehran–or in rural Luzon– the week after it opens in Pittsburgh. The bootleg DVD business is efficient, to say the least.
So the next time you hear of lawsuits against YouTube or against college students for downloading “illegal” mp3’s or movies, just remember that there is a huge movie bootleg business out there that gets away with it. They not only infuriate the bigshots who overprice their films and songs, but they sneak around government censorship.
Indeed, with China increasing their “firewall” to stop internet freedom, one wonders if similar subversive  DVD’s and CD’s are being passed there. No way of knowing from here, of course. But just wondering.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket 

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