In a classic story originating out of England it seems the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) are using pirated software!

This bastion of copywrite protection who love to sue people for pirating movies apparently thinks that pirating software is OK.

An English programmer named Patrick Robin created a blogging platform called Forest Blog, Patrick is one of an increasing number of people producing software that is basically free. Partick’s license agreement states that Forest Blog can be used for non commercial ventures for free as long as the user retains the links back to his home site, and therefore his recognition as the author.

For a paltry fee of less than $50 you may remove the links, and use it for whatever purpose you wish.

I’ll bet you can’t guess what the MPAA did? Yup, I know it is hard to beleive, but they removed the links and stiffed Patrick for the money!

The good news is, Patrick spotted the code theft and wrote to them. The MPAA with a good deal of egg on their face have removed the blog from their servers. Well I guess that is one solution, although I would have imagined that with all the money that they are raking in from lawsuits a simpliar solution would have been to pay Patrick!

If we are really lucky maybe the Software Police will discover that the MPAA is also running illegal Operating Systems, and Office suites! Now that would be a hoot!

The Inquirer has the story here. 

Simon Barrett



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