Both Reuters and the BBC are running a story from England. Someone went into the Royal Oak pub in Southampton and stole one of the urinals. This has to be the theft of the year.

Apparently this man ordered a half pint of Lager and then went to the Gents Restroom where he remained for approximately 40 minutes. During this time he expertly removed the urinal, in order to keep everything tidy he even had the courtesy to cap the water pipe to prevent flooding.

Unfortunately the theft went undetected for some time, the staff assuming that the Urinal had been removed for some maintenance purpose.

When landlord Alan Dreja finally discovered the theft he reviewed his CCTV and discovered clear evidence. An unnamed individual can be seen going into the restroom with an empty backpack, and then emerging with a bulging one.

Police are baffled by this crime, and the best theory they have is that the suspect is a low cost plumber who was looking for supplies!

While this might not make Interpol’s most wanted list, here are some images from the surveillance tape.

It is not clear if there is a reward for this mans capture!

Simon Barrett

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