Pretty much, I do not generally view Green Onions (Scallions) as being particularly evil. You slice them up and use them as a garnish on a gazzilion dishes. The usual taste is so mild that the fun is more in the crunch than in the bite.

Three years ago Jan and I were returning from the store and someone had set up a produce shop next to the railway crossing. I had to stop and check it out. The first thing I noticed was the size of everything. The heads of Broccoli, were so big you could have built a tree house in one! The Cauliflowers were the size of beach balls, and the cabbages looked like they should be used with a Trebuchet, no castle wall could withstand an assault by these beasts.

I always like to buy something when I stop at a roadside vendor, and about the only thing that seemed within my ‘Fighting Weight’ was a bunch of Green Onions. Of course these were also huge beasts, so I knew they were unlikely candidates for a garnish.

Rarely do I get scared by a vegetable, but these looked intimidating. I put them in the outside refrigerator and tried to forget about them for several days But it was not easy, they seemed to call out to me every time I looked at it.

My general thoughts on Green Onions is that the larger they get, the meaner they become.

After 3 days I just had to try one. I cut off the roots and sliced a thin sliver, maybe 16th of an inch and popped it in my mouth…. YEOUCH

This was meaner than a starving polar bear.

My first thought was that this was not a Green Onion but a Korean Dae-pa

But that made no sense, the Dae-pa is more akin to leek, sweet and mellow, all the traits that these beasts did not have.

I love onions and had to come up with way to tame these beasts. My solution was Malt Vinegar. After a week they were still fighting back, but after 3 weeks they were yum and gone.

The moral of the story, always stop if you see someone selling produce on the side of the road. You never know what you might find.

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