Having campaigned and won the recent mid-term elections in large part by condemning the “culture of corruption” as practiced by elements of the Republican Party, it is affording me no end of sour amusement watching Democratic Party leadership turn on a dime. Yep, way to go, Nancy P., appearing to favor a loyal but somewhat dubiously gifted friend with a bad reputation, over those competent and knowledgeable Democrat disinclined to suck up. Just the thing, impress us proles with your finely honed sense of ethical values and judgment of people. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind you repaying political favors by rewarding your political allies with all sorts of spoils; it’s the way politics is played, like it or not. I’m used to holding my nose, as long as those suitably rewarded allies will to a good job, or at least an OK job, or seem at least somewhat qualified… or at the very least, not be dragging along the chains of scandal and the appearance of corruption behind them, like Morley with his ledgers and moneyboxes.

This will not do, Nancy, it will not; not to turn around and install in positions of leadership a couple of political pukes with verifiable and public records of having done more than just sending creepy e-mails to the under-aged. It will not do; it sends the message loud and clear that it is not political corruption if it is a Democrat and one of your special pals doing it. Yes, loyalty is very nice… er, as long as it is not President Bush being loyal… and it does you credit, but backing Murtha and Hastings reveals a lamentable degree of political tone-deafness. It’s as if you expect the voters to just plain old forget every word said about corruption, pork, scandals and taint of “business as usual” ever said before the election. Hypocrisy, thy name is Pelosi.

Ah well… let the mockery begin.

“Sgt. Mom” is a freelance writer and retired Air Force NCO who blogs at www.sgtstryker.com, and lives in San Antonio.

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