Robert Moog, was not a musician, but he left his stamp on an entire generation when he invented the Moog Synth. While hardly a cheap instrument at the time, I believe it retailed for about $50k back in the early 70’s. It did become the mainstay of a couple of musicians, most notably Keith Emerson (Emerson Lake And Palmer) and Rick Wakeman (The Strawbs, Yes). These two guys moved the Moog buy finasteride without company to new heights. I have talked to both of these musicians and they have great things to say about Bob Moog (Keith Emerson Rick Wakeman).

Alas Bob Moog is no longer with us, but his legacy lives on, the Moog company has moved on to new ground. How about a Moog guitar? Well the good news is, there is indeed a Moog guitar.

To quote the press release:

It sustains like no other sustainer. The mute mode has never been heard on any guitar. Controlled sustain allows you to play single lines or polyphonic lines without muting technique. Use the foot pedal to pull harmonics from the guitar or control the frequency of the Moog ladder filter.

I don’t even play the guitar, but I want one! As I recall the price tag is about $6,500 it sounds like a bargain to me. Check out the Moog Web site for more info.

Simon Barrett 

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