To those out there desperately trying to paste together scraps of enthusiasm by singing the poetic praises of VP Dick Cheney, please don’t expect the average conservative out in flyover country  to join your little Republican booster club.     Certainly, there is not much to disagree with in what the former VP says.  No doubt, we’re “less safe” under Obama.  Pres Obama’s administration is obviously lowering all of our defenses.  Opening us wide to all manner of political, economic and violent terror attacks.  So why does the GOP Base continue to rapidly shrink?   (now down to 27% – Gallup)   Why is it  that the dull, monotone dronings of VP Cheney continue to ring hollow?   Fall short and flat except to a very few?   Its simple.  Middle America does not forget.    

Cheney and the GOP Hierarchy continue to display such contempt for the Base thinking they can initiate a ploy like this.   Assuming they can beat the drum of National Security and whip up an enthusiastic, emotional frenzy among all those hayseed hicks out in flyover country.  

Sorry Mr. Vice President.  The unwashed masses simply aren’t buying the excrement sandwich you’re trying to sell.  All you’ve got left is that 27% – dutiful, unquestioning followers always willing to carry your water.   You see, Mr. Vice President, many appreciate the “passable” job you and your former Boss did in fighting the GWOT,  but they haven’t forgotten the fact that during eight years of Republican reign, you left our southern (and northern) Border dangerously unprotected.  Thanks to Republicans our southern border, especially, was and is considered by exploiters throughout the world as a “doorway of opportunity”.   

Like a vacuum, it pulls in the “baddest of the bad” from all over the globe.  And, Mr. Vice President, the worst problem is not so much the chaotic damage caused to our society by wholesale illegal immigration.  Not at all.  

But there is another aspect of your Republican Party’s extreme and irresponsible shirking of its sworn duty.  (one of those duties being to protect our sovereign borders, sir)  During your watch, sir, over 45,000 OTM’s  from States that have Sponsored Terrorism crossed our southern/northern border, were picked up by U.S. authorities ( LINK ),  given a Notice to Appear and then released out on the streets of America and in among the unwitting/unaware American people. Again, this happened under your watch, Mr. Vice President.  Between ’01 – ’05.  Why?  For all the wrong reasons, sir.   Political reasons.  Shameless pandering/begging for the Hispanic vote.  And, for the sake of Pres. Bush’s “New Tone”,  lying down like a doormat for the democrats to walk on.  And worst of all motivations was the GOP’s failure to wean itself from the filthy donor money funneled in by the seditious U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  Bowing to their demands to keep uninterrupted the flow of cheap labor across the southern border.      

So, our elected GOP representatives have come to believe that the concept of sovereign borders is antiquated/passé/obsolete.  But that shortfall on their part has not been lost on our violent enemies abroad.  They are delighted with this arrangement.  Doubters?  Well simply select this Dept. of Homeland Security ( LINK ). (hurry – before it mysteriously disappears) Now scroll down to the portion of the report dealing with the “influx of illegal aliens from countries other than Mexico”.  Other Than Mexicans (OTM’s).  Specifically dealing with “illegal aliens from Special Interest Countries (SIC) and State Sponsors of Terrorism (SST) countries.  Before you read, gird yourself.  Grab a hanky to wipe the beads of sweat that will soon appear on your forehead.  Honestly, its hard to believe this report is still even available!  The author should be commended, whoever it was, as they deleted few of the negatives, in my view.  They told the whole grim tale.    

Of the 91.5K OTM illegals apprehended that had come from SST/SIC countries, 45K were released into our society. Why?  

1) Even though they came across the southern border, Mexico will not take them back because they’re not Mexican citizens.  And why weren’t they (SIC & SST illegals) retained in confinement?   Why were they released?  Ok, get your hanky ready, prep yourself….

2) “DRO lacks the requisite detention bed space and support personnel needed to detain OTM’s”  It gets worse. The cost required?  A measly $50 million – claimed they couldn’t afford it.  Yet Pres Bush had $ billions to support his Merida Initiative for the Mexican Gov’t but couldn’t spare $50mil to keep these “questionables” off of U.S. streets?  So little regard for the safety of our citizenry.     

There’s more.  What happened to all of these OTM’s from terrorist countries that the Bush administration released upon our society??  (you have your high blood pressure medicine available, I hope) :   “It is not known exactly how many of these SST/SIC were ultimately issued final orders of removal and were actually removed since such data is not tracked by DRO” See what I mean about this author?  Tells it like it is. No one knows the whereabouts of these 45K OTM’s from terrorist nations. DHS doesn’t try to hide this fact.  These fine folks might be living next door to you constructing a bomb factory. Ha!   “But wait  minute” you ask, “certainly they ran background checks on the folks before releasing them?” Fair assumption, huh?: “Immigration officials run background checks on each apprehended alien…. However the effectiveness of these background checks is uncertain due to the difficulty that CBP & ICE have in verifying the identity, country of origin, terrorists or criminal affiliation of aliens in general”  Yet they still released them!! So are you feeling “less safe” yet?  Now that we learn that Obama is dismantling all of our vital safety mechanisms? 

Leaving us wide open to all manner of assault on a grand scale?   And knowing that Dick Cheney, his Boss and the Republicans loosed  upon us “at least” 45,000  potential cutthroats into our vulnerable society?  Waving them in with a “high five” to go  throughout our land making whatever mischief they will.  And what about SIC/SST OTM’s released between ’05-’08?  You’ve got to believe that 45K number has at least doubled. Especially since VP Cheney, his Boss and K. Rove had stepped up their attempts to pander to Hispanics during this period while simultaneously (and gleefully) poking their finger in the eye of the GOP Base between 1/21/05 – 1/19/09.  Their favorite hobby – dis’ing the Base, you know.  Especially after 1/21/05.     

Sounds like the perfect backdrop for Jack Handey’s “Deep Thoughts of the Day”.   (any ideas there?) The GOP continues to scratch its head in wonderment as to why they’ve lost so much support while privately speaking in contemptuous terms regarding the Base, no doubt.  They try to hide that contempt but the Base clearly senses and reacts to it.  Hence the great gulf widens between the two. And as for Vice President Dick Cheney and the GOP Hierarchy?   Such monumental hypocrisy on your part.  With all due respect  please either address these deplorable  shortfalls effectively or shut your arrogant pie holes. Darvin Dowdy    

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