There’s a lot of political buzz about General Sanchez’ speech, but luckily, thanks to the internet, Powerline actually has a link to the speech HERE.

Alas, most of the speech is not being reported, and even good news papers. I read the WAPO report of the speech, but they played down a lot of the speech, and added their own commentary (read criticism) of the General to their article. The AP report was worse, implying that the General only criticized Bush.
So what does the speech actually say? I’ll number the paragraphs and summarize them.
One: That the press and military need to respect each other in a time of war.

Two: Despite some good reporters, much of the press prefers to write according to their own preconceived ideas. By preferring sensationalism, you miss the real story.
Three: You’ve called me names in the past.

Four: You destroy reputations of dedicated professionals just to generate headlines, but you yourself  never are made to take responsibility when your stories are wrong.

Five:  You allow people with agendas to exaggerate things, you report sensational stories that later turn out to be untrue, and you allow “deadline pressure” to let unchecked stories run. All of this has damaged America’s reputation and the war effort.

Six: “According to the code of ethics for the Society of Professional Journalists:





Seven: Economic competition to get headlines and political agendas have led to journalists ignoring these basic ethical laws.


“For some of you, just like some of our politicians, the truth is of little to no value if it does not fit your own preconceived notions, biases and agendas. “

Nine: The enemy has many propaganda outlets, but you dismiss official Military reports to correct this disinformation. Instead, too many reporters are engaged in political propaganda. A free press is necessary to democracy, but that press must be ethical.

 Who is responsible for maintaining the ethical standards of the profession in order that our democracy does not continue to be threatened by this dangerous shift away from your sacred duty of public enlightenment?

Eleven:  We are in a generational struggle against extremism.

Twelve: The administration has underestimated the problems of the war, and has failed to educate the public on those problems.

Thirteen: The military cannot win a war. But the failures in the war can be placed at the feet of the Administration, the Congress, and Federal agencies. The Department of State is especially at fault.

Fourteen: There are a lot of incompetent people in these agencies.

Fifteen: The Democratic leaders prefer to play politics to gain power, even if it means that soldiers are endangered. The search for political power is more important to them than national security.

Sixteen: We need a national strategy that is bipartisan. Congress should start by kicking ass of the incompetents in the various National Agencies who screwed up (sorry, my words) and then get some competents to get things working.
Seventeen: Oversight of these National Agencies is one of the duties of Congress, but it wasn’t done.

Eighteen: The surge will give us time to get our act together.

Nineteen: We told everyone we couldn’t win the war alone, it would take civilians.

Twenty: The National Security Councils ignored the military and followed their own plans. The plans didn’t work, so the military are screwed.(again my words).
Twentyone: You overused the military, and now the military will take ten years to recover.

Twentytwo: We’ll fight, but damn it, you need to equip us better. (again, my words).

Twenty three: If we pull out of Iraq now, the Middle East will descend into chaos.

Twenty four: The extremism that America is facing is real and very very dangerous. Stop playing politics and get your act together.

Twenty five: Get your act together (he gives details).

Twenty six: Something has to be done about interagency squabbling. First, get rid of the incompetents, then get these agencies working together instead of fighting each other.

Twentyseven: I could think of a lot of political leaders who I would like to courtmarshall for being incompetent.

Twenty Eight: Support the troops. Stop fighting over little things like politics are realize the fight is real, and your squabbling is hurting us.
Twenty Nine. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, but if you press guys were doing your job instead of supporting agendas, you could pressure the nincompoops into getting their act together. (my words).

Thirty: Thank you and God Bless America.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. Cross posted to Podkayne’s blog. 


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