Traditional party labels have gone out of the window. We live in a world of ever increasing government size, and increasing debt levels. Democrats blame the current economic problem on the legacy left by the Republicans. Republicans claim that it is not so! Who is right? I for one have no idea.

I can however see the the writing on the wall. Tuesday Nov/2 is not going to provide a solution, it is going to result in complete political gridlock. Once again we are likely going to face the situation where the House is Republican, the Senate Democrat, and the president will be wielding the veto like it is going out of fashion.

Republicans will likely revel in this situation “we have stopped the idiocy”. Democrats will cry in their beers that “this is not fair”.

Both are right, but both are wrong.

Should Obama have bailed out the Banks, other Financial institutions, and the car industry?

The cynic in me asks why?

The popular press tells me that these companies are too big to fail. The question I have is, if these Harvard MBA’s are so damn smart, what went wrong?

I may be completely wrong, but what was so bad about letting the financial world melt down? Or for that matter the car industry?

They created their own version of hell, why not let them wallow in it?

Most people live paycheck to paycheck, why not send the ‘bail out’ to them?

So we find ourselves in a situation that I can only view with huge amusement. Tuesday is not a vote for change, it is a vote for gridlock. Two glorious years of nothing being achieved.

2012 will be an even sillier adventure. If it continues on the route it is currently headed in we will have the Tea (hee) Party supporting Sarah Palin. I can’t wait for the debate where she is asked ‘Can you name the country between Alaska and the US’?

I am not a political animal, I hate them all. November/2 merely represents just another day that likely will end up in politics as usual.

A couple of days ago I watched a very interesting interview. The TV wag was trying to provoke a response from a young man, the question involved asking why he did not plan on casting a vote, and how this choice might be a bad one.

His answer was one that I rather enjoyed. He explained that by not voting, he was making a statement, there was no one worth voting for! A non vote was not apathy, it was reality. It was a reality check on politics. The voter just doesn’t care anymore. By not voting they are speaking volumes.

Simon Barrett

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