Lou Dobbs who I admire and many other commentators have of late bemoaned the woes that afflict the great myth of American culture the middle class. The existence of a middle class is as entrenched in the mindset as the scientific fact the average human requires eight glasses of water a day.

Till some researchers wanting to recalibrate data went in search of the studies that supported the findings. Turns out much to the chagrin of all, a thirty year old marking slogan was responsible for the “medical” fact.

Yes humans need to hydrate but the eight glasses a day was a sales gimick, could be ten or two .We simply wont know till they finish the scientific studies they are only now doing.

The great American middle class was also a marketing pitch, A class of people in the sum up science in a nut shell explanation. Share core values, traditions, aspirations and frankly a laundry list of similarity beyond the share of tax they pay for income earned.

Ah but that’s the whole point of America anyway, we are a on paper anyway a Republic with out distinction of rank or class, where all people by virtue of citizenship hold the same rank and honor, save Public officials who if you study the constitution repudiate while in public service some of the rights and privileges held by the ordinary fellow and become subservient to the public trust.

The catch of course is the you get life and liberty just for showing up, Happiness is something you have to pursue on your own.

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