It is easy to dismiss this legal debacle. There are only three questions,

One, who cares

Two, who Cares

And I’ll bet you can guess the third one, who cares.

When you get right down to it Michael Jackson contributed more to Cosmetic Surgery than music. Of course that is merely my opinion.

The gravy train came  to a screeching halt with his death. On trial is his personal physician Dr Conrad Murray. This doctor did not come cheap, it is reported that Jackson was paying $150,000 per month for his services. I guess having an in house doctor is ok, but to be honest with you I cannot see any advantage. In fact if I was fabulously rich I would likely pay $150,000  per month to keep the pariahs away!

The story we are being told is that Michael Jackson could not sleep and the good doctor was doling out ever increasingly more drugs as the night wore on.

This makes no sense. A drug free solution would have been to give him a copy of Thomas Hardy’s The Mayor Of Casterbrige, the guy would have been snoozing before page 3. This solution by the way does not require a prescription. It also is available for just a couple of dollars on eBay. Of course this does not work for everyone, if you need a stronger sedative there is always Solzhenitsyn, but I would use this only as a last resort.

The big question is, so whats the big deal if you can’t sleep? The body is a pretty interesting machine, it does not run on a set schedule. I seriously doubt that the world would have changed if Michael Jackson would have stayed up all night. Sure there would be a few pissed off people when he didn’t turn up for rehearsal, but it really does not matter.

In fact they would have assumed that he was at the ‘Skin Lightening Salon’, or maybe getting his nose tweaked again.

Instead, he turns up dead.

I didn’t like his music, I didn’t like what he stood for, but I don’t like the end that he found. The trial of Dr, Conrad Murray will run its course. Nothing I can do or say can change that. I do however have questions. At what point does a doctor forget his oath? Everything is for sale, it is just a matter of the price tag.

There are many good doctors out there. People that give a damn. My wife tells a story from decades ago. Grumpy and depressed she went to the Doctor. She wanted ‘nerve’ pills (not exactly sure what they are). The doctor said no. Her response was, if you don’t give them to me I am going to start smoking again. He was not falling for it, and it was a very grumpy lady that left his office!

Dr. Conrad Murry on the other hand would have likely written out a prescription for a couple of cartons of Marlboro’s.

I am not sure that Dr Murray deserves to be thrown in the slammer for the rest of his life. But I am not sure that I would recommend as a primary physician.

Simon Barrett

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