News Item:
Schwarzenegger criticizes
Democrats and Republicans

Private, behind closed doors audio tapes of meetings between California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his staff have been leaked to the press.  Historically, this is almost always a bad thing, as in Nixon, Watergate, etc.  The Governator doesn’t come off all that badly though in these new revelations.  In fact, in some ways they bolster the image of a politician who is his own man.

The tapes rub the wrong way on both sides of the aisle.  He’s heard saying that the Democrats in California seek only political gains, and that the Republicans lack a long term vision for the state.  He criticizes the idea of building a fence along the Mexican border, but is equally harsh on Mexican immigrants for their lack of assimilation into US society.

There are some that will say Arnie wants it both ways.  We say “What’s wrong with that?”  Things work better with some give and take from either side, and Congress would do well to take note.  What we get from Capitol Hill are meaningless non-binding resolutions, and partisan filibusters.  It’s ‘my way or the highway’, with no common ground in between, and more often than not, legislation grinds to a halt.  Schwarzennegger took a lot of flack, not so long ago, for his “girly-men” remarks, but in hindsight, the observation was dead on.

Link: Mercury News

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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