On Friday May 21 at 1pm central I will be sitting down with author Jerome Peterson, he has two books in print Thumb Flagging and The Haunting Of Andrew Sharpai. Thumb Flagging is a nostalgic work that takes us back to the 1970’s and the world of Hitch Hiking. Few people Hitch these days as it is deemed far too dangerous, but back in the day It was both Jerome’s and my method of transport.

Almost every weekend during the Summer I would take off to attend some music festival. With barely enough money to cover the entrance fee, somehow I never went hungry or thirsty. Armed with a rucksack, a small tent, and my Thumb, I was on the road! With my long hair and Hippie attire I never had a problem getting a ride. In retrospect I think the bell bottoms and garish Indian inspired shirts projected a non threatening image. People would offer me rides out of curiosity.

Jerome and I will be exploring the glorious life on the road. This should be a very entertaining program. If you were a Hitcher in your youth this will bring back fond memories. If you have never Hitched you will want to listen in to find out what you missed.

We Are also hoping to have a couple of extra guests, they will be talking about their own adventures on the road with just a thumb.

The direct link to the program is here.

Simon Barrett

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