With all the controversy that is in the air over the War in Iraq, and the pressure to open negotiations with Iran and Syria, one would think that the U.S. would have a unified approach in its policy on the region.

This week’s contradiction between Defense Secretary Gates comments about evidence linking the Iranians to weapons being used in Iraq, and those of the Joint Chief’s Chairman – stating he has seen no evidence, is problematic to say the least. This lack of coordination or concise information on a topic as important as this, seems to indicate a communications failure at the highest levels. This is the most important time for the administration to build a credible case for all its decisions in the Middle East, it can not afford such errors.

It seems this story is not going to get the press that it deserves, as none of the candidates have picked up on it, and it is only getting minor airplay on the networks. This is an important one to follow.      


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