By Nyancho Barry

Kenbugut Kisse is a man of many identities. Kisse as he is fondly called in our little town, is a serial thief, hater, womanizer, hacker, the list goes on and on. Kisse knocks on people’s doors unexpectedly, makes unsolicited visits, claiming to be sleeping with people’s wives and in some instances threatened his town folks with hate messages.

Kisse had a history of unstable mental problems. At Kerrjackleh, they call him “ Doffbi”. Meaning the mad man. Lying is his main profession. He make up stories against his own family, neighbors, friends and loved ones.

Kiss damns his parents. “ Da acham.” Nabula.” Yahbayema. Meaning “ Mum, leave me alone. “ I am a grown up man Ma. Mind your business. Leave me alone. This is my yard, okay.” Kisse said.

He often brags that he is the most educated folk in “Lambatu Land.” Kiss has just earned his PHD on if you cannot get him pull him syndrome down. He spreads all kinds of rumors, gossip, and hate messages against his perceived arch rivals.

Kisse’s parents wanted him to study Arabic when he was young, but he is a non believer. He does not pray. His parents have tried everything humanely possible to change his Kafirr mind, but Kiss would not heed to any parental coaching. He is a spoiled child.

Kisse and I used to be childhood friends. Due to his hostile attitude against women, he was moved from Kerrmandumbay to Panchang. He was considered a sex offender at Kerrmandubay. Kisse had raped Jarga’s daughter, which led to his expulsion from Kerrmandumbay.

It was in the Summer time. Everyone was relaxing at the Pencha. Kisse and I were busy working at the Sareh Pateh garden. “ Jabarr, wait a minute. I got to rush to the house to see what’s going on. My wife Jalika is cheating on me. One businessman is messing with her. I am trying to find out what I heard.” He left.

Minutes later Kisse showed up at the farm crying. I asked him “ Kisse are you okay? Are you really okay?” In response Kisse remarked “ I found the businessman in the room. We fought and my wife called the police. I am paying the house and all the bills, but she is treating me in such a way. I am going to hide in the cave. If the police come asking for me, don’t tell them my whereabouts.”

The Capitol Police came and asked for Kisse. “ Sir, Kisse came here crying. He said his wife or girl friend called the corps for him. He asked me not to reveal his whereabouts to anyone. He is my boss. I dare say anything before he would fire me.” I told the corps.

Sergeant Mendy remarked” There is an handsome reward for anyone who volunteered information about the whereabouts of Kisse. Matter of fact, you either tell us where he is or you will be arrested. I became scared. I pointed the cave where Kisse was hiding to the corps. They advanced in and found that Kisse had already changed his hiding place.

I felt sorry for Kisse. His parents called me the other day and complained to me that Kissse was wasting his time on a woman who does not love him. They even approached some grand marabous in Guinea to pray for their son.

Kisse’s main job at Dekalambatu was to welcome Kings, Chiefs and other important personalities. He does not want to befriend a poor man. Kisse is a celebrity friend finder of that sort. He was a good guide. A big talkative for that matter. Kisse pretends as if he knows everything in Dekalambatu.

“ I worked for the King’s orchard. You see how big this orchard is. For you to work in this orchard, you need to get a PHD like me. With time, everything is going to be okay. I will call my supervisor to see how he can exempt you from such requirements. Don’t tell anyone that I helped you to work in the orchard. You hear me. I have sent T shirts to the village telling them that I worked for the biggest orchard in Deckalambatu.” Kisse told me.

I was not very impressed by Kisse’s personality. I started withdrawing myself from him. He never said good things about his town folks. For Kisse, he had slept with any cute lady in our town. Many couples banned him from their homes because of his fat lies against our town women.

Kisse is a great spender. He don’t mind giving his last savings to women. While his kids are starving, Kisse would spent days in holiday resorts, having fun. He took them on a shopping spree, lunch and all that sort. Meantime, the kids are suffering in Kerrnyaka. Kisse lacks wisdom and parental blessing. Many said he has been cursed. Part two is coming soon. Enjoy!!

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