The economy grows fast. Thousands of jobs have been created. Great !!

These articles are read constantly in different newspapers and magazines. But, does it reflect the reality?

I won´t deny that creating jobs is great but it is also important the quality of the job.

Millions of jobs created the last years in U.S. have been jobs in the services sector of the economy that do not pay as much as manufacturing. Besides, manufacturing is related with technology and tech is related with power.

If Europe could impose its power in a certain moment of history it was because of its technological supremacy.

If the Soviet Union lost the Cold War one of the reasons was the technological decadence.

There are thousands of articles about the post-industrial society in which there are more jobs in services than in the industry. There is also more output of services than output of goods. So, it is considered normal that U.S. produces almost $400 in services by each $100 of industrial production. On the other hand, China produces less than $100 in services by each $100 of industrial production. But is it really normal??

If U.S. produces so much in services compared with the industrial output it does not mean that services are really huge. The reality is that the industrial production has had a hard time. If China produces almost $100 of industrial goods by less than $100 in services, then, the reality is that the chinese industrial output is very strong.

Man, the industry is the bone. The service is just the skin. The services depend greatly on the industry to exist. If the industry collapses, then, the services suffer even more. Unless that it is Bahamas, a nation that had seven tourists by each inhabitant a few years ago. But U.S. is not Bahamas. United States has more than 300 million people. Countries with very small populations can depend just on tourism or secret accounts in banks but it is not the case of nations with huge populations. Countries with huge populations depend on the industry to be strong economically.

The service-based economy is also called the lazy economy. This is so real. Casinos, bars and sports facilities can give us fun but they are not manufacturing. As simple as this.

U.S. must improve its educational levels or it risks becoming a lazy economy. High levels in manufacturing go hyand in hand with good academic levels. The schools and universities are the beginning of the great technological conquests.

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