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It’s been said before and I’ll say it again. What separates liberals from conservatives is that liberals feel and conservatives think. Nothing proves this better than their inability to realize the consequences of their actions.

The 2008 Democratic Primary race is a perfect example.

But first, let me segue a bit and talk about a movie that may prove one of my points. That movie is The Candidate released in 1972 starring Robert Redford. Redford’s character is Bill McKay (“All the way with Bill McKay” and he did, literally, with an attractive campaign supporter). The film serves mainly to show how a race for a seat in the Senate develops between him and his opponent.

Marvin Lucas (Peter Boyle), a political election specialist, is given the unenviable task of finding a Democratic candidate to unseat California U.S. Senator Crocker Jarmon, a popular Republican. With no big-name Democrat eager to enter the seemingly unwinnable race, Lucas seeks out Bill McKay (Robert Redford), a thirty-something, married, attractive man who couldn’t be further removed from politics. Despite being the son of former governor John J. McKay (played by Melvyn Douglas), Bill was never interested in politics and instead acts as a lawyer for liberal causes.

Lucas gives McKay a blunt proposition: Jarmon can’t lose; and since the race is already decided, McKay is free to get out on the campaign trail and say exactly what he wants because none of it matters anyway. Though he now knows he will definitely lose, McKay accepts the proposition because it gives him the chance to speak to groups of people and spread his liberal values (which include abortion rights, busing, environmental regulations and welfare).

Are you getting the picture? Sound familiar? No? Then what about this?

Zip ahead 35 years to today’s Democratic Party. It was thought a year ago that Hillary could not lose the nomination and the primary process was just a coronation exercise. BORING !!Good old Dean sees that the whole process would be rather dull and since Hillary’s approval rating with the general populace left much to be desired, he decides to energize the base with a John McKay.

In this case, a Mr. Obama.

He tells him he can’t win and he’s only there to energize the Party. He agrees. Then what happened to John McKay happens to Obama.

As the campaign continues, McKay suddenly becomes self-aware that he is being manipulated and yells at Lucas to explain what the campaign has become. Though Lucas never verbalizes it, it’s evident that, in his wisdom, Lucas saw McKay as an unpolished gem – a candidate who began with things you couldn’t buy: good looks, confidence and massive name recognition.

McKay and his campaign manager, Lucas, see now that they can win and go whole hog to win the election. In my fantasy – or maybe not a fantasy – I see Dean today seeing the error of his ways and a threat to unhinge the Democratic Party which is about to happen.

Now let’s look at the current scene. Neither Hillary nor Obama will have enough elected delegates to cinch the nomination. Hillary makes the case that she carried the big States, the one’s needed to win the general election in the Fall. Obama says he has the higher delegate count and popular vote and he should be the nominee. Throw in the undemocratic process of the Democratic Party to choose a nominee – the Super Delegates – and you have the making of a real screw up that could split the Party and send it to defeat in November.

Throwing oil on the fire is the Liberal MSM. In their rush to make sure that no real conservative becomes the Republican nominee, they pushed and supported the worse possible Republican candidate for the Fall election against the Democratic nominee. They pushed for a man who was more often than not a liberal and had the support of independents and liberal Democrats. They pushed for McCain to be the Democratic nominee and with their help, McCain cinched the Republican Party nomination. His independent wishy-washy conservatism is the last thing Liberals need to confront on the campaign trail this Fall.

All this proves my point. Liberals can not think through the consequences of their actions and if a liberal President is elected and a liberals gain more control of Congress we will all march towards a feel good world ignorant of the consequences of emotional response to problems.



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