It is noteworthy that the Libby conviction has generated a number of articles on a possible pardon for Mr. Libby, ostensibly a pardon from the White House. What makes this most interesting is the fact that the Pardon “buzz” circulating, has come from the media, and not from any sources within the Government. This would seem to be a case of the media making the news, rather than reporting the news. One editorial in a National paper even suggested that President Bush needed to pardon Mr. Libby because to do otherwise, would be to incriminate his administration in a direct connection to the Valerie Plame fiasco. It seems that while busy making the News, some in the media failed to notice that Libby was convicted of Lying and covering up his actions. Perhaps some of those writers were the same ones writing about an overly zealous prosecution of Martha Stewart, while at the same time she was sent to Jail for perjury, not insider trading. Remember Bill Clinton? Will people remember that His impeachment was about lying?   

Probably not after the reporting is all done.

Mr. Libby just needed to tell the truth, the fact that he lied is what will guarantee that he will get no pardon from Mr. Bush. The public’s memory is long and their tolerance for dishonesty is low. The White House will stay far away from Mr. Libby.

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