Creating  Social Change Through Public Laughter, Play & Celebration:The Levity Project is a social movement with the mission of shifting the paradigm of negativity, stress, and pessimism in our society to one of play, laughter and celebration. Our vision is to create positive social change by engaging in acts of levity in public places for the purpose of awakening people to the value and necessity of bringing joy and lightness into our lives.The Levity Project is looking for people to join us on April 17, 2010 at 10:00am at the Magnificent Mile  in Chicago, IL.  We will gather together in “flash mob” style and share laughter and the spirit of play together in a public place.  People should be prepared to laugh in a large group in a public place.  The event will last 1.5 hours total and involve 3 separate events in 3 different places.Last year, the Levity Project kicked off its National Tour in Chicago with an Umbrella Hat Freeze, a Laughter Party, and a Laughter Flash.  Here is what some participants had to say about their experience:“It was FANTASTIC.  So fun to be part of an event that can encourage others to bring more laughter and joy into their lives.” Mary Watkins“I felt a new level of childlike freedom. It was a rush! I felt SUPER comfortable with this freedom.” Kim KoteckiThe Levity Project believes that each person is an agent of change and when we awaken to our power in this way, we can make collective social change a reality.Register to participate at receive detailed meeting places and times.For more information contact:Katie West-Founder of The Levity Project ,, (207) 239-8667Or Ina Lukas, Operations Manager, (760) 500-9878The Levity

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