The Middle East figures Obama is a patsy and is vieing for who can hate Israel the most (the reborn Ottoman Empire, or the reborn Persian Empire?).

At the same time, Obama’s oil spill policy gets ripped in the Rolling Stone of all places.

There go the baby boomers.

Time for a distraction, folks.

Certain bloggers know who the real enemy is. The real story is the question if Sarah Palin had breast implants.

Seems like the leftwing blogosphere  is buzzing about a photo that suggests that Sarah Palin had a bosom enhancement. Presumably they are all thin and undersized above, and are clueless about full figured gals.

I’m a full figured gal, and know that one wears a minimizer bra under a business suit, a compressing sports bra when one jogs, but when it’s hot, you wear something more comfortable and loose under your tee shirt.

And I guess they never heard of “google” either, because all you have to do is google to find out it’s not true.

Photo of Sarah three years ago when she visited Iraq.

(From the helpful Freepers, who are known for their love of good looking conservative women).

The photo that caused the kerfuffle:

I don’t tend to look at women’s breasts a lot (except to look for tumors when doing physical examinations), but they do look the same to me.

Presumably this is a sexist way to trash a very dynamic lady, whose criticism of the naive way a certain community organizer trusts a certain oil company who gave him lots of campaign funds.

Especially since her endorsement seems to have made a difference in some of the recent primary races.

So don’t discuss the real issues, let’s get personal and snarky, seems the rule when discussing Palin.

Yet the question seems to be a bit sexist, and not relevant to one’s capability at all.

Indeed, our lovely President Gloria is known to have had bosom enhancement surgery, and it hasn’t stopped her from efficiently running the Philippines for the last 8 years (and hiding how she got rich doing so).

So why all this worry that a half term ex governor who has five kids also has enhanced her bosom or not?

It might be this rumor:

The Netanyahu government’s attitude to the United States shows it is “waiting for President [Sarah] Palin, an Obama official reportedly told Peter Beinart, writing for the Atlantic Monthly news site. Palin was the Republican candidate for vice president two years ago and is considered a front-running candidate for the next presidential election in 2012.

The real problem is if there is a war against Israel this summer, and if later Iran gets a nuke, you might indeed get a backlash that could put a female Harry Truman in the presidency.

Some of us hope Hillary will be that lady, but then never mind.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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