Our legal system is often incomprehensible, rulings are often made that to the regular man in the street are ridiculous. Killers are set free, yet a hungry man stealing a Pizza can face life imprisonment under the ‘three strikes’ law. Often the scales of justice seem weighted by money rather than fairness. Justice should not be about money and influence, but it often is.

It is rare that ‘the haves’ lose out to ‘The have nots’. This is particularly true in the area of civil litigation. If a company or indeed an individual has the money, a case can become a simple war of attrition, or war of overwhelming. Money buys time, money buys the rope,  money buys the knots in the rope, and money buys the political influence to patent the knot!

I can think of no better example of this than the seed giant Monsanto. Over the past almost two decades they have created a number of GMO seed crops. They are known as ‘Round-Up Ready’. Round Up being a pesticide that incidentally, or coincidentally, that Monsanto just happen to also make…

These crops are touted as being insect and and other problem resistant. This sounds good doesn’t it? The inference is that these super crops should require less pesticides. NO, it just means that you can use a whole lot more Round-Up without killing them!

Of course the ‘National Union Of Weeds’ has responded by bulking up its membership by creating the position of ‘Super Weed’ in its ranks. These weeds eat Round-Up for breakfast!

But, all is not lost. Monsanto in its infinite wisdom have created seeds that produce sterile plants. This is great on two fronts. Firstly the farmer must buy new seeds each year (good for the bottom line of Monsanto), and secondly, if organic Farmer Jones, who lives next door to GMO Farmer Smith, Farmer Jones does not have to worry about his crops being cross infected with Farmer Smiths GMO Round-Up crops.

This is great! Smith and Jones are friends, they have merely made different business choices. They still sit together in the local cafe, their families have shared BBQ’s, this is a perfect world.

However, what happens if those seeds are not quite as sterile as Monsanto claims and they are blown across into Farmer Jones fields?

Farmer Jones, now has a problem, his organic crop is no longer organic.

Smith and Jones start to argue. But being reasonable men, rather than fight it out with Pitch Forks, they go to court.

I am not a lawyer, I am just a guy in the street, so the question is, who wins?

The answer may surprise you, GMO Farmer Smith wins, because Monsanto sues organic Farmer Jones for illegal use of the seeds that are patented!

This is not a fairy tale, this is a real story that has played out on several occasions.

The Appeals Court in Minnesota may just have turned the tide on this stupidity. While the ruling does not concern GMO seeds, it certainly must have the Monsanto’s of the world with their panties in a knot!

You can read the story here.

Interestingly Monsanto are not named, but the writing on the wall, or the seeds blowing in the wind, is a serious wake up call.

Of course this story is not over. This case may well make it to the Supreme Court. But the ‘Supremes’ are the ultimate in making unbiased legal decisions, right?

One wonders if ex Monsanto chief of legal police Clarence Thomas would opt to recuse himself, in previous cases involving Bio-tech and Monsanto he has not, so I would not bet a GMO dime that he will back down from this one.

Monsanto has been a subject that Mannie Barling, Ashley F. Brooks and myself have talked about on both our The Food Revolution Papers and Surviving The 21st Century radio programs.

Simon Barrett

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