General Petraeus’ coming testimony before Congress regarding the status of military operations in Iraq has inspired the Lefties to feats of classless jackassery beyond which anyone believed them capable. (Well, on second thought, it’s quite believable.)

The group A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) has planned a “Die-In” for September 15 in Washington D.C. to protest the war in Iraq. Nothing new here. Lefty drama queens are pretending to die all the time, it’s just that no one much cares to notice. This particular “Die-in”, however, goes a bit further.

From The Weekly Standard:

“Meanwhile, a motley crew of antiwar groups, including Iraq Veterans Against The War, CODEPINK, ANSWER, and, are organizing a week of demonstrations in Washington beginning September 15. The “mobilization” will be kicked off with a “Die-In,” sponsored primarily by ANSWER and Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW).

As they explain, “IVAW is asking that participants in the Die-In/Funeral select the name of one of the almost 4,000 soldiers who have been killed in Iraq. You can select a family member, friend or someone from your city, town or state. Please bring a photograph of that person and a sign with his/her name on September 15.”

Needless to say, the protesters who will be appropriating the names of soldiers and Marines killed in action have no intention of asking the permission of their families. But why should the families think their loved ones’ sacrifices are being exploited in an unbelievably offensive way? After all, as one organizer explains, “The die-in will be led by an Honor Guard of Iraq Veterans Against the War who will simulate a 21-Gun Salute before taps is played to initiate the die-in.”

In an effort to give voice to families who have lost husbands, brothers, fathers, sons, wives, sisters, mothers, daughters in Iraq and would prefer not to have their names dragged through the politico-sludge, the group Families United For Our Troops and Their Mission is working to counter the “Die-In” message.

“The last thing we wish to do is to cause controversy at the event – because that is what they want and that gets them media attention,” says a spokeswoman for Families United. “However, we do wish to take a stand in a positive way. The Gold Star families who will be in D.C. for the GOE rally, will be meeting and voicing our support of the troops. We will ask for equal media time. In addition, we would like to take with us signed letters from Gold Star families demanding that A.N.S.W.E.R and their affiliates no longer misuse our heroes and clearly stating that they do not have the ‘right’ to use our hero’s names and we protect that right as the heir of our hero.”

The group has composed a form letter, addressed to the Chairman (chairperson?) of ANSWER demanding that they not use the names and images of loved ones in this way. The letter features blank spaces where families can fill in the particulars of the loved one they wish not to be dishonored.

To think that anyone, let alone those whose family members have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of others, should have to go through such gyrations to extract the most basic degree of human decency out of their fellow country men is truly mind-boggling, if not nauseating.

But the Lefties must have their theater, no matter how much it costs the rest of us.

To that point, one wonders from time to time (if not constantly) what sort of person could believe acts such as these to be noble, enlightened, caring, and necessary as the Lefties most surely do? Greg Gutfeld, of FOX’s Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, has composed a brilliant expose on Left Chic and its de rigueur mindset, uniform, attitude et al for The American Spectator magazine. “Think globally. Screw everybody locally” is an excerpt which neatly summarizes his thesis. Unfortunately Mr. Gutfeld’s column is not presently available online. A splendid dramatic reading and analysis of it, however, was performed yesterday by Mark Belling – one of talk radios brighter stars – whom you may have heard filling in for Mr. Limbaugh now and again.

Following are links to Mr. Belling’s segment on the article and the larger issue of utter classlessness among the Left. The discussion begins about one minute in on part 1 – Mark Belling part 1 – and a few seconds into the beginning of part 2 – Mark Belling part 2 .




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