By Honey Gillard
PEOPLE are going Knuts in Berlin zoo. Crowds of approximately 125,000 people have flooded in to Berlin zoo over the Easter weekend. What caused this population enlargement you ask?
Well duh, Knut.
Knut, the cute little abandoned polar bear cub, has become a global sensation claims the zoo.
Since the 4-month old cub first appeared in public on March 23 the zoo has received some 300,000 extra visitors.
Approximately 15,000 people visit the baby bear each day.
Knut was rejected by his mother at birth and is now being raised by a handler.
Confronted with the Easter crowds, the zoo authorities established a one-way system past Knut’s enclosure, ensuring that all of his fans got a peek at the white ball of fluff and cuteness.
The 13.8-kilogram (30 pound) bear crawls out into the open Berlin air twice a day – around midday and in the early afternoon – to jump on the rocks, wade through the pond and roll around whilst his hundreds of admirers watch him in enchantment.
As the global interest increases more and more, the zoo has trademarked Knut’s name for use on t-shirts, posters, postcards, sweets and toy bears. A Berlin bank is even planning to put the bear’s image on its bankcards.
Knut is becoming quite the famous polar bear. Next thing you know he’s going to have his own television show.
What make’s him so special?
Well Peter Walschburger, a psychologist at the Free University in Berlin, states: “Obviously, his innocent, baby like looks are an important reason.”
He also claims that Knut’s white fur and soft, round features make people want to protect him.
Other nearby zoos have also noted an increase in their visitor numbers since the beginning of the Knut phenomenon.
In the meantime, Berlin zoo has begun separating Knut and his handler, Thomas Dorflein, who has been feeding him with a bottle. The zoo, ensuring that the cub is not traumatized, has done this very carefully
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Sources: The Raw story.

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