I love music. I couldn’t sing a note if my life depended on it, and I don’t play any instruments, even the simplest is far beyond my abilities. But I love to listen and to learn.

People ask me if I have a favorite genre, I say no, but explain that I do indeed have some ‘unfavorite’ ones. Repetitious use of the word f**k bores me to tears.

I greatly enjoy talking to musicians, I marvel at both their creativity and the how they use the ‘physics’ of music. I openly admit to my ignorance of ‘keys’ and ‘timing’, but my ears know when things just sound right. Yes,  I know that sounds like the music version of…. I don’t know anything about art, but I know what I like. Indeed, that is a true statement.

Recently I had the great pleasure to interview the very talented guitarist Jamie Glaser about the new Anderson/Ponty Band cd titled ‘Better Late Than Never’. It was an eye opening experience. Using the old adage of ‘the best place to start is the beginning’, I asked Jamie to tell me a little about the opening track, cunningly called ‘Intro’. At a mere one minute long, I had assumed it was just a harmless tune to introduce the band. Well I was completely wrong, there is a lot more to ‘Intro’ than meets the ears. Listen to Jamie explain:

This amazed me, so I had to explore his story. Here is the original version of ‘And You And I’:

And here is John Luc Ponty playing Infinite Pursuit

Jamie Glaser is right, it is a work of genius that showcases the talents of both Jon Anderson and Jean Luc Ponty. It is indeed the overture to introduce a great musical collaboration.

Simon Barrett

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