by Ric Ottaiano

October 9, 2006

Or so it seems, at least if you are the NCAA. The University of North Dakota has filed a lawsuit against the NCAA over the latter’s mandate that the school drop its team logo and nickname, “The Fighting Sioux”, or face sanctions and fines in post-season play. This is all part of a larger NCAA ban on American-Indian based nicknames and logos in postseason tournaments.   

Why, you may ask? Because these nicknames are considered “hostile to Native Americans.” So, what do the Irish have to do with this? Well, there is a fairly well known college football team out of Indiana known as “The Fighting Irish” and last I heard the NCAA wasn’t particulary concerned over hostility towards our friends from the Emerald Isle.

Again, we are faced with the unthinking response that is political correctness, but this time easily justaposed against obvious evidence of its intellectual and moral bankruptcy. The University of Notre Dame has had its nickname for about 100 years now, but no one is now suggesting that its use is insulting or demeaning to those of Irish ancestry. But all that needs be done to turn a silk purse into a sow’s ear is to replace the reference to a “wrong” ethnic group with the reference to one of the “right” ethnic groups.

The other evidence of hypersensitivity turned into bad policy is that team nicknames are obviously chosen to honor the team, its members and fans, not to demean them. The choice of nickname is obviously designed to reflect positively on the group, not create a negative impression or stereotype. Is the name the “New England Patriots” demeaning towards the descendants of those who fought the British during the Revolutionary War? Are the “New York Yankees” an insult to northeners (other than Bostonians)? Are the “Padres” of San Diego a dig at Franciscan priests?

Not to the clear thinking, non-multiculturalists who actually ponder these issues rather than reflexively worship at the PC altar. All I can say is: “Go! Fighting Sioux!”

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