Every innovation has three phases. When it is new, it is expensive and exclusive, when the technology catches on it becomes cheap and mainstream, and then it enters a phase of decline, the result is always the same. The great innovation dies. Except for a few die hard fans, the world moves on to the next great thing.

If you doubt me just think about 78, 45, and 33rpm records, the 8 track, and the cassette. They all peaked, waned, and finally died. Rumor has it that Sony has gone so far as to remove the iconic Cassette Walkman from a number of large markets.

I spend way too much time online, but that is my job. I monitor the news feeds, I research information for articles and interviews, the Internet is my reference library. Of course I do not understand the purpose of some things, the likes of Farmville, Twitter, and associated stuff appears pointless and boring, but, if people like them, fine. More power to them!

The internet as whole however is dead. I can prove it.

I had never really thought of the internet as a video game. But it is. I spent months playing Super Mario on my kids Nintendo system. Eventually I made it to level 8-8, and beat the game! It was a bitter sweet moment, I had the thrill of the win, but the disappointment of wondering what I was going to do next.

Today I had a Super Mario moment. I stumbled upon this web site.

I was stunned! The good news though is that relatively few people realize that the Internet has an end.  I checked with internet ranking guru’s Alexa.com, it seems like only a few people have made it to the end.

Simon Barrett

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