I love the internet, it has become a great outlet for all sorts of creative people. One of the epicenters of video creativity is You Tube. I have no idea how many videos it hosts, but I seem to recall reading an article that each minute some 48 hours of new content is uploaded.

Yes there is a good deal of rubbish, if you have seen one cat video doing stupid things you have seen them all. YouTube has few rules, concerning quality of the production, if you have a smart phone you too can be a famous, if undiscovered film maker.

Once you get past the Cat videos and people doing stupid things with skateboards and shopping carts there is a very vibrant layer of shorts made that are of studio quality. Many are funny, many are cynical, many are parodies, all offer some social commentary on todays world.

Yesterday I found a gem. It is too good not to share, what happens when Intel, the devil and Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells all collaborate?

We have all sworn at our computers at one time or another, I have even gone so far as throw parts into a snowbank. Yes on occasions they can be nasty creations, possibly they do come from the loins of Satan.

Simon Barrett

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