What is more important, having a religion or having a spirituality?

First of all, I will make two things very clear: Jesus did not found any religion and second, no saved religion. Salvation is not to belong to this or that religion, to be in this and that Church.

Spirituality is one thing and religion is another. In all religions there is a spirituality, which ends up identifying itself, having the common elements. Today, we can understand spirituality by visiting related websites such as online-psychics.info.

Religions have norms, doctrines, dogmas, they work with punishment and reward, they talk about sin, guilt, they are divisive, they follow the precepts of a holy book, they feed on the fear of eternal punishment, they create the “enemy” (character of evil) ), teach us to renounce the world and dream of a paradise, promise happiness for after death, when we leave the body, something seen as negative.

On the other hand, all people have a spirituality, regardless of whether they profess one religion or another, even without any religion, why not say, even those who say they do not believe in a Higher Being. Spirituality is not born out of an external organization. It is present within us. Remember when Jesus said, “Is the Kingdom of God within you?” So, we are born with this seed of God, we are divine or divinized beings, we are spiritual beings living an experience in a body.

How does it manifest that we are spiritual beings, possessing a spirituality? For the simple way of acting, of seeing the world, the people, the reality, the events. My spirituality makes me look at all people and see in them the wonders of the Divine, as Jesus said: “Whoever sees me sees the Father”. Spirituality makes me see people not from their beliefs, nor from their race or condition of life, but from what we have in common, from the values and principles, from the common needs to be loved, respected, valued, to be fraternal and supportive.

Spirituality makes me contemplate the Divine in nature. That is why my relationship of respect and defense of it. It makes me defend animals, rivers, birds, insects, air, etc. My spirituality makes me an educated person, who knows how to give the place to another on a bus, or anywhere else. My spirituality makes me respect the elderly and never abandon them. My spirituality makes me a husband who participates in life at home, who shares all tasks; makes me a faithful husband. My spirituality makes me defend life always, no matter who it is.

Do you realize that in order to live a spirituality I don’t need a religion? What, then, are religions for? They should serve to feed spirituality. We live much better and nourish our spirituality much more when we break down all the “walls” of religions, transit and drink from each one of the best. Observe the life of Jesus and you will be mirroring yourself in the best prototype of spiritual life, in the most visible being who lived true spirituality: a man who spent doing good; who withdrew to be alone; who spent nights of prayer; who attended synagogues; who contemplated the Father’s teachings on the actions of birds, the beauty of nature, the actions of the farmer, the housewife, the rich man, the poor, the woman, the child, the pagan, the Jew, the excluded, friends , enemies, teachers, scriptures, etc.

Feed your spirituality in the many manifestations of the Divine. From the time of getting up to falling asleep again, there are many opportunities to fuel my spirituality and also be a source for others.

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