By definition, the law is a code of control or conduct that governs our life and ascertains what an individual can and cannot do. But why is it required? Moreover, why is it so important – couldn’t a society live without laws?

Well, as the Shapiro Law Group suggests, you’d have no one to protect you from personal injuries, for example, if there were no laws.

As such, let’s take a look at the importance of laws overall and determine why they’re so important for our society.

Types of Laws

As some of you may know, there are two types of laws – namely, natural and human laws.

Natural laws are formed naturally within the individual and are built on human nature – the latter is formed by virtue.

On the other hand, human laws are made by man – by either law enforcement or authorities. Law authorities force society to follow these laws.

The Importance of Laws

Naturally, today we’ll only talk about human laws. These laws are regulated and conducted by humans and have been created to avoid chaos and, ultimately, help build a better society.The human-made laws take into account culture, religion, literature, as well as the lifestyle of citizens – hence the differences in law throughout the world.

It is essential to have laws around us, mainly because they serve as the standard or basics on which the conscience of the citizens is built upon. Moreover, with the help of laws, citizens that abide by them have their safety, and fundamental rights ensured as well.

What Would Happen Without Laws?

As mentioned above, laws are not meant to only control the individual. They work in such a way that helps individuals ensure their rights – the right to freedom, freedom of speech and thought, and so on. If you break the law, one of your fundamental rights is taken away from you.

a society without laws would imply the lack of basic needs and human rights – in short, either anarchy or chaos. Moreover, history teaches us that, if there are no laws, people will experience hierarchy rules, slavery, domination, as well as partition.

Laws make society! There would be no society left if we abolished laws overnight – everything would turn to chaos and disorder.

Laws and the Society

Some people say that you can’t have a well-balanced society without laws. However, as mentioned, we think that there would be no society if there were no laws.

This is because laws, via their nature, make the difference between an individual that is worth being part of soand one that lost this right after they violated the law.

The laws can be seen as providing people with rights and safety as long as they respect and don’t break them.

The Bottom Line

It goes without saying why laws are so important and create the society that we all live in!

They are the only way by which humankind can avoid chaos and, eventually, the loss of humanity. Even though most legal systems are full of corruption and whatnot, laws still work as intended and keep us safe when and if something happens!

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