For the average US consumer the experts are claiming the average household will lose around $900 per year. The money being paid to retailers to offset the cost of importing. Trump claims the cost to consumers is net zero. I guess he missed that lesson in college!

American farmers are screaming at the top of their voice, Soy Bean farmers probably got shafted the most. The Chinese have simply picked up their Chop Sticks and found other sources of Soy Beans in Canada and South America. It would not matter if Trump lifted the tariffs today, the damage has been done. China has signed long term deals with other countries, so Farmers, find a new crop!

On the opposite side of the coin is China, how are their companies surviving the crushingly high tariffs? The answer is quite well. Tech giant Huawei (think Cell Phones) effectively gave Trump the finger. They have their own Phone OS, and their 5G modems are far better than even Google can come up with.

But how does the small scale Chinese company fare? Very well, I have found 5 companies that the tariffs had no effect on what so ever on

How did they manage to avoid paying tariffs? Simple, mostly they don’t actually ship any product at all. WewMax sent me a fake Gucci Womens Wallet instead of a Laptop computer, then sent only a tracking number, the trail went dry when the package disappeared a mere mile from here. Now they won’t even reply to my emails.

The five sites are so similar in look and feel, I suspect it is the same person(s).
So there my friends is why Trumps tariffs against China are not working

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