The Identity Factor
by James Houston Turner

This is a pacey thriller that can mix it up with the best of the genre. A tight storyline combined with lots of plot twists and turns makes for a great read. I found myself reading the entire book in one day; not bad considering I was not long out of the hospital and still a bit hard of concentration.

A tablet possibly attributed to Ishmael centres the entire storyline with all its insundry complications. Its contest, if verified, could please one side in the Middle East while infuriating the others. Extremists on all sides want to get ahold of it to either use it for their justification or destroy it.

Along for the ride in the tale are sleeper cells, rogue agents, deep cover agents and at least a few analysts. As I said there is enough plot to keep anyone who likes this sort of novel happy.

I found it to be a great tale that kept me interested throughout. I was not entirely shocked by the ending, but that did not mean I didn’t like the ride to the end.

A highly recommended thriller from an obvious talent. Forget some of the dross that one can find in the popular fiction aisle and seek this out. You will not be sorry.

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