It is shameful how the pc crowd of conservatives is acting “holier than thou“. These conservatives are an embarrassment. The hypocrisy of the left is understood, but the hypocrisy of the right is pathetic and so confusing.

Now tell me how referring to people who wear cloth on their heads as “rag heads” is an offensive term? Would you agree that the above phrase was descriptive or derogatory? I bring this point up because of the old adage; do you see the glass half full or half empty? Do you see them as people wearing clothing on their heads, or for the sake of a better slang word, rags, aka rag heads?

Ann Coulter’s referencing the Iranian women as rag heads shows only her use of slang as opposed to conservative – politically correct speech. Now unto the matter concerning Edwards.

Ann Coulter used the word “faggot” but careful analysis of the over all context of her comments will put forth a different view. I refer you to the glass half empty or half full.

Is Israel as a people and a nation worthy of conservative minded peoples support? I venture to say that conservatives would defend Israel’s image, people, and religion from hateful speech by sects of our society such as the Muslim/Arab population.

The conservatives are quick to rail against Ann’s comments – undermining her right to freedom of speech. But in the same breathe I detect a degree of bias. You would rather have Ann run it by you first to make sure that her language is PC–yet, Ann Coulter is an educated – highly sought after speaker. She is well versed in the Constitution of the United States and all the rights there under-afforded every citizen in the U.S.-she is also an accomplished lawyer.

I believe she has more credibility than any of us-and if Ann uses the word “faggot”-so what. She earned that right.

How is her comments affecting the conservative movement? She is one individual – outspoken – somewhat brash – but entitled.

The conservatives lost the Congress not because of the likes of Ann Coulter or comments such as hers–but rather because the conservatives strayed away from the core values that represent conservativism.

I find these on the Internet letters to CPAC hypocritical in light of the above. Why should Ann be the scape goat because CPAC does not have enough backbone to accurately define what was the DEMISE of the conservative leadership in the Congress and Senate? PERIOD!

My concern, however, is that we want to censor how people talk–what they say–so the conservatives do not lose one vote in 2008. The conservatives ruined their credibility with the likes of Foley and his perverted ways. People will get over what Ann said, but they WILL NOT get over what FOLEY DID.

You can see the video of Ann on BOR at HotAir. But what I find so sickening in all this is that the left defined “gay” when Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) used the term in reference to Dick Cheney’s daughter during the 2004 election debate. (see Atlas Shrugs)

USA Today quoted me:

Coulter does have a defender or two:

• “So the liberals are upset with Ann — how come I could care less? I will tell you in a few words. Because they take the truth and twist it and lie,” wrote conservative Layla Gonzalez at The HILL Chronicles.

Ann you are one righteous babe.

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